Probate Law Overview

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At Christiansen Law Firm, we handle all matters related to estate planning while a person is living, as well as help families navigate the probate process after a loved one's death. Our Texas probate lawyers will properly assist you with delivering the property of the estate in an economically efficient manner. We have plenty of experience dealing with Texas probate courts.

If you need probate or estate administration help, contact us online or call 281-579-2800 for a free initial consultation. We will listen to your unique needs and answer your complex questions regarding property division and what happens when a loved one passes without a will.

Administering the Estate of a Loved One

Our probate administration lawyers can help with the following:

We will clearly explain your options in estate planning and probate. You remain in charge. After we explain your legal options, you and your family decide how to proceed, based on your own goals and values. At Christiansen Law Firm, we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you during estate or probate administration issues.

Wills and Trusts Administration

Probate and estate administration can be an emotional and difficult process for family members. If the deceased family member has properly prepared and executed estate planning documents, the probate process is fairly straightforward, because it avoids the necessity of will contests or determination of heirs. Our dedicated estate administration attorneys have extensive experience in managing the estate administration process efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Estate administration can be made much easier with proper planning. Wills and trusts are an important part of any estate plan; we will make sure that these sensitive documents are carefully prepared so that your interests and wishes are protected.

Powers of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directives

Proper estate planning involves much more than distribution of assets upon death. Clients should carefully consider a power of attorney for health care, a statutory durable power of attorney and a directive to physicians. These documents are crucial to ensuring that your wishes are respected during your lifetime, and they assist family members in managing the business affairs and medical issues of a loved one.

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