Paternity Testing Benefits Both The Child and Biological Parents

When a child is born, the child’s parents have both legal rights and responsibilities in regards to the care and well being of the child. However, there are times when clarification is needed regarding paternity, particularly when the child’s parents are not married and there are questions regarding visitation rights and child support. For the sake of both the child and parents, paternity testing can provide both confirmation and closure regarding parental rights and responsibilities, as well as help establish relationships between the child and the biological father.

Paternity testing is typically performed for three common reasons. First, paternity testing is commonly requested to help confirm the identity of the biological father for the purpose of securing child support. Whether the biological mother or other relatives are raising the child, child support is often needed to ensure the child’s care and health. Paternity testing benefits the child by confirming the identity of a biological father for financial support.

Second, paternity testing is also commonly requested for men that want to establish visitation rights with their biological children. The end of a man’s relationship with the biological mother can sometimes result in the father losing access to his child, but establishing paternity can ensure visitation rights and a continuation of a relationship.

Finally, paternity testing is also commonly performed to confirm the identity of a biological father in cases where there is uncertainty, particularly during a divorce proceeding or custody case. If a man disputes the paternity claim of the biological mother, he can request paternity testing to get confirmation of non-paternity and end any legal responsibilities or child support obligations. This can benefit both the child and parents by confirming true paternity and eliminating any confusion or uncertainty in the future.

No matter the circumstance, paternity testing can be an extremely stressful and challenging ordeal for the parents and the child, so it’s important to understand the entire process before proceeding. Christiansen Law Firm assists families and individuals involved in paternity disputes, and will work aggressively to protect the rights of clients. The paternity attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm will strive to minimize any impact or disruption to daily lives while pursuing a positive outcome. Christiansen Law Firm offers a full range of Family Law services throughout the Houston, Lufkin and San Antonio areas. Contact Christiansen Law Firm for more information, or to schedule a free consultation with their Family Law attorneys.

Protecting Parental Rights After A Divorce

As much as our society celebrates marriage and the search for true love, the sad reality is that nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Divorce is often a painful and complex process, both for spouses and their children. Although the division of assets and property can be difficult and time-consuming, the process of determining child custody, visitation rights, alimony, and child support can be absolutely horrendous for all the family members.

No divorce issue is more important and sensitive than determining the best interest of children, particularly for young children who might not be able to clearly articulate their own desires or wishes. Ultimately, parents in the midst of a divorce should be able to ensure their rights to custody, visitation, and fair support orders to help minimize the impact of the divorce on their children.

Having experienced and expert legal representation in a divorce not only helps protect the individual, but also offers benefits to the children of divorce. By developing amicable and reasonable custody, visitation and support orders, this reduces the length of the divorce process and allows family members to heal faster and begin new chapters in their lives. In addition, some parents without proper or experienced legal representation can be left with minimal visitation rights or unreasonable support orders, damaging their ability to maintain their parent-child relationship or financially support their children.

For parents receiving sole custody of their children, it is important to ensure that their medical, educational and living needs are met through proper financial support. However, too many custodial parents find themselves in a dire financial situation when a support order is ignored and payments are not made. Quality legal representation can help ensure that support orders are enforced in a timely manner so needs can be met. Conversely, parents with visitation rights are sometimes denied access to their children, so it is critical to have legal assistance to enforce visitation rights to maintain and protect relationships.

Christiansen Law Firm provides individuals with exceptional legal services throughout the entire divorce process to ensure parental rights are protected, as well as the best interests of the children. The experienced family law attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm can help clients establish, modify and enforce court orders for child visitation, child custody, child support, and alimony, and offer free consultations and case evaluations. For more information, contact the family law attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm today.

Navigating Your Way Through The Adoption Process

Adoption is an incredibly personal and important decision made by thousands of individuals and families each year. As people choose to welcome a child in need of love and care into their home, they must also consider the vast amount of legal documentation and processes involved in bringing this child into their home. The complexity of the adoption process makes it critical for adoptive families to have quality legal representation to help navigate the adoption laws of Texas.

Each year, a wide variety of adoptions occur in Texas and in the greater Houston area, such as stepparent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, private placement adoptions and agency adoptions. Each of these adoptions requires specific legal paperwork and requirements to be met before an adoption can be approved and completed by Texas courts. For individuals and families choosing to adopt a child from overseas, there is a vast array of requirements to first meet before a child is allowed to leave their home country and join their adoptive family.

Unfortunately, the process of adoption is not always a smooth one, and there can be legal complications regarding the termination of biological parental rights, immigration and visa delays, and unexpected documentation and legal filings that must be completed before adoption approval. However, despite the complexity and work involved, the reward of adopting a needy child makes it all worth it once they are welcomed into their adoptive family.

Thankfully, individuals or families in Texas that want to pursue adoption can get the legal representation they need to ensure their adoption process is as smooth as possible. Christiansen Law Firm is a Texas-based law firm that specializes in adoption family law proceedings, with extensive experience and knowledge of both domestic adoptions and international adoptions. The adoption attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm can help ensure that adoptive children are able to join adoptive families as soon as possible. Christiansen Law Firm’s vast experience with adoption proceedings means adoptive parents can be fully prepared for all aspects of the adoption process, including legal paperwork, financial preparation, home study preparation and court proceedings.

For more information on how Christiansen Law Firm can help you or your family welcome an adoptive child into your home, please contact our adoption family law attorneys today to begin this important step. Christiansen Law Firm provides family law services in the greater Houston area and greater San Antonio area. Let Christiansen Law Firm help you become the family to a child in need of a loving and stable home.