Protecting Older Family Members Through Guardianship

The United States is experiencing a record number of individuals becoming senior citizens and reaching retirement age. As a result, there is also an increase in adult children having to make difficult decisions about the immediate and long-term care, finances and medical concerns for their aging parents and other loved ones. These decisions are made even more complex when elderly parents or loved ones face serious medical conditions or become incapacitated.

Paternity Testing Benefits Both The Child and Biological Parents

When a child is born, the child's parents have both legal rights and responsibilities in regards to the care and well being of the child. However, there are times when clarification is needed regarding paternity, particularly when the child's parents are not married and there are questions regarding visitation rights and child support. For the sake of both the child and parents, paternity testing can provide both confirmation and closure regarding parental rights and responsibilities, as well as help establish relationships between the child and the biological father.

What Is Community Property

For couples who decide to end their marriage and pursue divorce, there are many major decisions to make and sensitive issues to resolve. In addition to determining custodial rights of minor children, property and assets must be divided between both parties in the divorce. In the context of divorce, property is generally defined as either separate property or community property.

Protecting Parental Rights After A Divorce

As much as our society celebrates marriage and the search for true love, the sad reality is that nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Divorce is often a painful and complex process, both for spouses and their children. Although the division of assets and property can be difficult and time-consuming, the process of determining child custody, visitation rights, alimony, and child support can be absolutely horrendous for all the family members.

The Many Benefits of Thorough Estate Planning, Part Two

Many Americans are beginning to realize the importance of early financial planning because of economic volatility and rising costs for health care, food, and other living expenses. However, planning for the future involves more than just preparing for the immediate future or even retirement. Proper financial and estate planning involves developing a clear and concise plan for asset allocation and inheritance distribution in the event of death, especially for individuals who own their own business or are partners or key shareholders in a company.

The Many Benefits of Thorough Estate Planning, Part One

When you ask people about planning for the future, some will focus on the next few months or couple of years, but most do not think about long-term plans other than retirement. Often, people do not even plan well for their immediate future in the event of a disaster or unexpected family loss. As a result, many families and businesses can be devastated when a family member or key business partner passes away unexpectedly, or dies without clear direction for how to divide their estate.

Understanding The Child Custody Process During A Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult and painful events a person can experience in life, particularly when children are involved. The process of dividing assets pales in comparison to determining child custody and visitation rights. It is critical to ensure that the children of divorcing couples are as well protected as possible, and that their emotional, physical and financial well being becomes the top priority for both parents as they end their marriage.

Navigating Your Way Through The Adoption Process

Adoption is an incredibly personal and important decision made by thousands of individuals and families each year. As people choose to welcome a child in need of love and care into their home, they must also consider the vast amount of legal documentation and processes involved in bringing this child into their home. The complexity of the adoption process makes it critical for adoptive families to have quality legal representation to help navigate the adoption laws of Texas.


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